Here’s another Quality Solo Ads source.

Ok, so here are the results of my solo ad that I purchased with Wayne Dobson.

I purchased this solo ad from Wayne through Safe-Swaps.  However, I did a little research and Wayne does offer direct purchasing of solo ads through his website too.  For more information about how his solo ads, go to my page High Quality Solo Ads.

That being said, I had a great response with Wayne’s List.  If you’re having slow  subscriber growth through your own efforts or if you’re ready for a quick boost to your list building efforts, Wayne has a highly responsive list in the internet marketing niche that should meet your expectations!

Now on to the details. I purchased a 500  guaranteed click solo ad from Wayne for $135.00.
This is a little more than I typically order, but I had read some great things about Wayne’s previous performance and I decided to go with a big purchase.

But, he does offer lower (and large) purchases of optins through his solo ad service.

So you know I’m not making this up, here’s my receipt:

Quality Solo AdsWayne  actually delivered 532 clicks for my offer for MLM List Building.
That works out to spending $0.25/click.

I got a whopping 185 optin subscribers through my offer, and leads continue to trickle in each day.  Loving it.

So in the end, each subscriber had a cost of $0.73/optin lead.  Not bad, and I even had some initial conversions for my upsell after the free offer!

I would definitely work with Wayne again through Safe-Swaps.  He was quite easy to work with, and everything from the purchase of the solo ad through to the delivery of the clicks went extremely smoothly

Be sure to stay tuned for more solo ads information and personal experiences!

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