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In our last issue, we talked about how it is possible to use Facebook to bring in new buyers to your company. In this issue we are going to talk more about creating a Facebook Fan page for your business.

Any successful business executes a good amount of social interaction and social media management. You can't have a thriving online business without having good rapport with your target audience and without presence from the vast expanse of the Internet.

A lot of business managers have proven Facebook marketing as one of the most effective ways out there when it comes to generating targeted traffic. Its influence to culture and daily life is so magnanimous that having an account can literally make or break a starting company.

As we have mentioned previously, creating a Fan page is a good move for a starting business and even established ones in order for audience to easily relate to them. When credibility is concerned, although most audiences still look for official websites, most will consider a Facebook account to suffice if there's an absence of such.

In addition to that, it's more effective to go for a Fan page rather than a personal profile if you want to establish a sense of authenticity to the information you provide in your page. A mere profile page is associated with individuals and may not be as believable. Decide on your business name as soon as possible and look for names similar to your own in the same industry as your company.

For instance, if you've decided on the name ‘TASTY Ice Cream' and you find a page with almost the same name in the same industry, look for ways to set your name different. Come up with descriptions like ‘TASTY Philadelphia Homemade Ice Cream'. With this, you are hitting two birds using one stone. You have just provided your business location. This will help your potential customers find out your geographical background. Not only that, you have also made your name sound different and more interesting than the other.

You can do this right after you have created your username. To get a user name, you need to have at least 25 Fans.

You can also gain credibility by answering all necessary inquiries in your profile. A profile that's complete with background, short history, other contact details and store locations is essential. In addition to being complete, your content must also express some creativity. Most of the time, the profile is the basis whether people want to add you up or not. It should be your main goal to have a strong following online if you want your Fan Page to bring you more customers.

When using Facebook for Business, part of building a good brand is by customizing it by adding store photos, product photos, notes and the like. Be mindful with the content that you post though. If you are posting photos and you don't want them stolen, place a watermark as a warning. You must remember that you are building a brand here. Avoid posting content that are too personal such as personal photos and videos, informal company party documentation, internal problem discussions and others.

Lastly, don't forget to add your contact numbers, addresses and emails where they can reach you when you're offline.

To get the most out of social networking sites, you can also consider tying up your Facebook fan page with other sites like YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Be sure that you look for your next issue soon. We will discuss about getting people to like your business page on Facebook.

Is your business using Facebook for Business? If not, you better benefit from its potential right away. Know more about effective Facebook marketing here.

Learn How You Can Create Your Facebook Business Page

In the last issue, you learned why it's important to create a business presence using Facebook In this second issue, you will learn how to setup a business page from Facebook.

Some people are confused when separating their business page from their personal page. It used to be that without a personal page, you couldn't make a business page for your company.

But now, things have changed. Facebook is now more flexible in terms of generating accounts for organization purposes. Because of this, you'll be able to now produce a skilled presence for your personal company on Facebook in addition to store your individual photos separately.

When practicing social media management, it is important to differentiate the two though. Where company matters are discussed, Facebook recommends that you use a page instead of a profile. The difference between the two is the fact that profiles are meant for individuals and pages are ideal for those that have a business, organization, celebrity status or some need of expert presence on the internet. This way, it is far more appropriate to name it as a Business Page.

For business it is best to start with a page straight away rather than converting your profile to a page later on as this is a more strenuous task on your part later on.

To get started in Facebook for Business, you will have to go to the site and create a page. This is very easy to do. You'll find steps which you can follow from Facebook's support center should you need some support.

Facebook page will then ask you to create an official page whether for a local business, brand, product or organization or as an artist, band or public figure.

Facebook will ask for a page name and whether you are the official representative of these entities. It is also essential that you have read the Facebook terms to make sure you won't have any trouble with your account being deactivated for violating the rules later on.

The web site can be quite strict when it comes to several accounts so be careful not to mix your personal account along with your business page. Ensure also to answer all of the basic questions on your Fan page as this will add far more credibility to your site like the business background, brief history, store locations and contact numbers.

The great thing about Facebook marketing is that it gives you the advantage of analyzing.With these advantage, you will be able to evaluate the amount of traffic coming to your site as well as quickly account your activities. It is possible to also draw your potential customers to promos and find out wether these promos help in generating a lot more traffic to your page and giving you more sales. This is not offered in a standard profile page.This is something you can't do on a normal profile page.

Another great thing about Facebook is its Like button. The Like Button will provide you with an indication of customer base. While a normal profile page allows for only 5,000 ‘Likes', the ‘Likes's for a business page is unlimited.

The essential thing to remember when making use of a business page is to keep a professional image. You should also be constant in updating your page to get the respect of people. There will be times when you will be tempted to make your page more lively and interactive as it should be but always remember that raising awareness to your brand is the most significant thing. Every single update which you post should then move towards a professional image of your business.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will discuss about how Facebook can help you bring in new customers.

Facebook marketing definitely belongs to the list of the most powerful ways when it comes to getting targeted traffic. Also, utilizing Facebook for Business enables you to communicate with your customers and clients.


In the last issue of Facebook for Business we talked about how to create a page for your business on Facebook. Today, you will learn how Facebook can help your business get more customers.

As we have discussed before, it's important to establish online presence through social media management sites particularly Facebook even if your company already has an official website.

Why, you may ask? Pretty simple. Because Facebook is more accessible and to most, more user friendly than any official website will ever be. It gives a sense of friendliness to companies that would seem too corporate for prospects to check out or a sense of credibility to starting companies who have no website to speak of.

Aside from this, a Facebook page allows companies to be more interactive with present and potential customers, getting their feedback for everything from service to contest mechanics. While it may seem dangerous because you can be given both positive and negative feedbacks, companies should not be afraid because Facebook is a tool that can be easily moderated.

If you want to show only the best feedback on your Facebook wall and just hide the rest, you can do that. This way, your potential buyers will be able to get an idea about how your products or services have benefited others. Such feedback adds a touch of authenticity to the company, and will most likely entice the potential customer reading it.

Furthermore, customers who are tired of traditional online marketing such as e-mail newsletters and web ads will look to the Facebook page to have their questions answered. With the ability of a Facebook page to reach millions of people around the globe, you will be able to expand your business.

Interaction isn't limited to Facebook updates and wall posts though. You can also make use of the photos and notes feature. When using the Fanpage which is the recommended page for businesses (instead of the more personal profile page), you can change the posting ability of fans which allow them to post photos, videos and links to the page.

Potential customers will learn how other customers utilize your products or services. As mentioned, you can make your community more interactive perhaps even as successfully executed by Pampers. Facebook Fanpage. There are also some companies like the well-known Ben and Jerry's that go as far as using customer polling. If used the right way, this will provide customers a sense of power concerning the products, which as a result will give them a sense of acceptance and possession.

Facebook is also a great tool to add audience to company promos, special prices and discounts as in the case of the company rushIMPRINT, who uses their page to feature their products for sale.

The site easily leads back to their official website as well as their toll free number. Some even use Facebook to give exclusive deals to their customers.

If you're implementing Facebook marketing, this is a very good way to determine whether your page is effective or not in attracting customers. Several gifts or rewards can be given exclusively to Facebook members who are not reachable through email, Twitter or your business site.

Companies like Baskin Robbins develop and utilize a Facebook tool that helps their page become more interactive and attractive to customers. Through their account, they're giving out a very enticing deal, a Buy One, get one promo that most enthusiasts will not surpass.

The simple fact is, Facebook is an easy tool to master and just by adding the right sense of fun, differentiating you and your company from the rest in the market, you will quickly see a nice return for your efforts!

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. You will learn more about setting up a Facebook Fan Page for your company.

Part of Facebook marketing is to be able to reach out to fans effectively Learn more about using Facebook for Business here.

In our past issue, you found out how you can use Groups on Facebook for your business. In this issue we are going to talk about the right way to interact with your Facebook friends & fans.

Although people are more or less aware of what correct Netiquette in social media management, the creation and development of Facebook has taken web interaction to a whole new level.

When it comes to Facebook marketing, there are a number of things you have to keep in mind when responding to people.Each application should be meticulously examined. However you use Facebook, whether for personal or business purposes, bear in mind that your actions online, while not all, can have a big consequence within your world. To some, Facebook and other social networks is even the basis of making or breaking relationships from employees ranting about their bosses online to wives finding out about her husband's affair.

The following are just a handful of things you should consider when you're dealing with your Fans and Friends on Facebook.

– Keep what needs to be Private, Private

Redundant as it may sound, this is the principal rule many people disregard. You can post ‘What's on your mind' on Facebook wall and virtually anything you want to say. However, remember that posting these things may turn out to be a big mistake on your part. Would you really want your customers or clients find out that you puke at last night's wild party? Or is that nasty remark that's supposed to be an inside joke among your buds worth the false impression by your business contacts? Realize that whatever that's learned about you online can have a lasting impact. Your personal or professional contacts may see these in the future if not today. If you openly let others know about private things in your life, imagine the embarrassment and even discredit that you could earn.

When Using Facebook for Business, Stop Publishing those Game Updates

Those game updates will make you look incompetent towards potential customers. If you admit that you play these games, well, at least don't have the updates posted on your wall. To you, this may be simple entertainment. But to others, posting game updates will give you the reputation of being a bit too juvenile. That's a big no-no when you're trying to build up strong authority online.

Avoid Posting Updates As If You're Texting Them

?Hd a frikng gud tym at d prty lst nyt? just doesn't sound well online. You're not posting updates on Twitter which is limited to only 150 words so why scrimp your words? Text posting is a bit too casual for any person's taste. The same goes for drunk posting, posting gibberish or something too vague. And you don't always have to follow Facebook's prompt ‘What's On Your Mind?' Although everyone is entitled to their own bit of cyberspace, these things have a tendency to get one other people's nerves in the long run. Of course, you wouldn't want to annoy your customers and clients.

– Choose Contacts Wisely

Be aware that different updates will show up on their news feed. Even their contacts will have the chance to see it. So it would be best if you only select contacts that are targeted. Primary contacts are ideal. You only have a 5,000 limit for contacts after all. If you're running a Facebook page for business reasons, you shouldn't be too quick in approving friend requests. Doing a little bit of research may do your business page good. You can un-friend some people later on after finding out that they aren't within your target audience.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will discuss about delivering value to your potential customers on Facebook.

You know that many profitable online businesses achieve the success they want with the aid of Facebook for Business. It's your time to use Facebook marketing right now.


In our previous issue, we discussed about effectively communicating with your Facebook fans. In this issue, we are going to talk about using Facebook marketing to provide significance to your prospective buyers and customers.

Here's the fact: Over 50% of the whole Facebook community log in to their personal accounts each day. This indicates that with roughly 500 Million users of Facebook, over 250 Million are able to view your page.

Imagine being able to tap a portion of that market for your own product or service. That can equate to tons of dollars in sales revenue and even more work opportunities that you can actually get a chance to engage in.

Still, that doesn't mean you can just come up with a Facebook account and expect it to make you rich overnight. You'll need to tweak and test your page until it reaps a satisfying result.

It's crucial that you first evaluate whether your Facebook business page is delivering valuable outcomes while keeping your reputation healthy.

Do you want to give a touch of corporate professionalism as an extension of your conventional office?

Do you want to add a touch of fun and excitement which will appeal to your target audience?

Or are you just looking to create a community with which all questions and other concerns of your customers can be attended to?

Whatever the goal you have in mind, you must always execute your Facebook page with as much clarity as you would with your official web page. Avoid posting boring or unnecessary things. This means resisting the impulse to post personal content or even things that seem interesting but aren't helpful to your audience.

Here are a few more suggestions you should take into account:

Ask For Testimonials

Exploring a person's Facebook wall is one of the most widespread pastimes of individuals who are excited about social networks.In these modern times, social media management provides numerous rewards to entrepreneurs. You can persuade prospects by using testimonials from your current customers or clients. With that being said, asking your customers for feedback is a good idea. Of course, you would most appreciate highly constructive feedback if given under your own accord. Still, this may not always be the case based on the quality of your products or services. So offer incentives, give out prizes or hold a contest. Say, for example, that every Facebook feedback will give them a 5% discount during their next purchase.

– Interact with Potential Customers

If there are questions about your products or services, make sure you politely accommodate those concerns. Also, you'll earn a good impression by answering the inquiries very promptly. If you cannot do this, apologize for the late reply.

To help you with answering questions, you should also hold as much information and facts in your Landing Page (or your Profile Page). This is when the Notes section of Facebook comes handy.

– Upload Relevant Photos

Many use the Photos Page while others make pseudo-shops where they feature their goods. Whatever you choose, just make sure the images are presented clearly. Featuring photos that look dull and uninteresting won't entice prospects. So be mindful in choosing those. For instance, if you have a jewelry business, you can promote it on Facebook by posting photos that feature the intricate designs of your jewelry pieces.

Consider these simple suggestions when coming up with content and you'll have a good deal of prospects coming in to your business page.

Be sure to read our next issue of Facebook for Business soon.

If you'd like to gain the online presence to sustain your business, then consider using Facebook marketing to Get the top spot on Google. To find out more about making use of Facebook for Business, check this out.

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