If there’s anything I understand as a nurse, it’s empowering people to take control of their own lives.

Now…what the heck is empower network?

Empower Network was started by David Wood and David Sharpe.  They are both quite well known in the MLM and Internet Marketing worlds.  If you haven’t heard their names before this…trust me you will hear more.

They planned the Empower Network down in Cost Rica where David Wood lives and has lived for the last couple of years. If you’ve never seen David Wood, he might remind you of a mad scientist or, more correctly, a mad genius!  Truth be told

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Are you a blogger?

Well first off i think the main question that you need
to ask is “what is a blog?”

Is it a place to share your thoughts?
Is it a place to make money?
Is it an online newspaper or magazin


Well yes! and it’s also…. Whatever you need it to BE!

And also Whatever you need your audience to do… Which
is ACT!

People visit my blog to see what I have to say, see if
i have any cool content up on it, or even simply to
connect with me.

I have people coming to my blog from all over (now it is
not the prettiest blog in the world, but its in the process
of getting a makeover) and why?

Because they are here for a reason!

I am an internet marketer and they can learn something
from me, or get their quota of internet marketing related
gossip or whatever.

You wont see teddy bears or pewter figurines appearing
one day, because I have become clear about what my blog
is about… Online Marketing!

My topic has been set out and even if i did happen to
mention myself talking about figurines, It would be internet
marketing  (If that’s possible)

What I am trying to say really is that if you have a blog
you need to get serious about what you actually want from

… and if you don’t have a blog started yet,  you NEED to get one!

All the best,


Blogging, what is it?

You’ve heard talk about blogging but are one of those people who don’t quite understand what it is.  That’s alright, as we’ll go over what a blog is, the history of blogs, what they are used for and why they are important to your online business.

What is a blog?

A blog is essentially like a journal where people can post their thoughts and have them read and commented on by anyone.

What is a blogger?

A blogger is someone who creates a blog and posts on it.

Brief history of blogs [very brief 🙂 ]

Weblogs, simply known as blogs now, haven’t been around for that long. The roots of the blog can be traced back to 1994 when people kept online journals (diaries) in which they wrote about things in their life.

Blogs as we know them have been around for an even shorter period of time. In 1998, Open Diary created a site in which its users could post blogs that had the ability to be commented on by other people.

The popular free blogging site called Blogger was created in 1999 by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan. Blogger was later
purchased by Google in 2003.

Despite the fact that blog sites have been in existence since 1998, they have only been popular for 5 or 6 years. In 2001, how-to-blog manuals were published and the phenomenon has only taken off since that point.

What are blogs used for?

In the very beginning, blogs were usually used to talk about a person’s life. People would make blog posts about things
happening in their life, thus using the blog as a public journal.

Over time, the use of the blog evolved. People began using the blog to post their opinions about everything from politics to religion to sports to music, among other things.

Nowadays, blogs are even used to make full time incomes —one 20-year-old makes $5,000 from Google per month because he has Google Ads on his blog.

Why are blogs important to your online business?

Millions of people from all over the world read blogs every day.  Those who have a blog are given a lot of exposure—there is the potential for them to have millions of unique readers each day.

Can you imagine having a million people see your business’ name each day? That sounds pretty incredible, doesn’t it? Yet, that’s exactly what could happen if you create and maintain a successful, well-read blog. And that’s actually a pretty easy thing to do.

So how exactly can you use the blog to help your online marketing business?  Well, you can use it in a variety  of ways.

You could:

  • Use the blog to discuss things related to your field of business. For instance, if your business provides web hosting
  • services, you could discuss things related to web hosting, thus showing potential customers how much of a guru you are.
  • Use your business blog to keep current customers updated on new services/products available.
  • Post news about your business, as well as start rumors about potential happenings in your online business.
  • Get feedback from current and potential customers on your products/services. For instance, you could make a post on a new product, giving details about it. Then your existing customers or potential customers could give their opinion on it.
  • Promote your online business on your blog by making blog posts with information on what your business offers.
    Install Adsense on your blog and make extra revenue from ads clicked, thereby helping your business to be more profitable.

There are really limitless possibilities to how you can use a blog to help your business, even more than those listed here.  Blogs that are hosted on your site (by using a program like WordPress – much like this one) can help your site achieve a higher ranking in search engines. This is because blogs are search engine friendly (Google is known to list them after only a few days, whereas it takes regular web sites weeks to appear on a search engine).

Having a high search engine ranking is crucial to having a successful online business. Blogs help you to increase your
ranking, which will increase your business.

The great thing about blogs is that they are easy to use and also very effective.

Start a blog today and watch your business’ notoriety grow.

To your success,


P.S. Blogs offer your online marketing business the chance to be known by millions of people. If you’re looking for a surefire way to gain customers and increase revenue…try starting your own blog for your business!