Professional Business directories are like online marketing platforms for your business. Here are five key areas that you must make the most of in order to build relationships, establish yourself as your industry expert, and promote your brand using online business networks

1. Research your target audience. There are hundreds of social and business networking groups and thousands of registered businesses, so it is important that you are talking to the right people for your business. What is good about online business directories is that they make it easy to target the right audience with their searchable databases and relative ease of use.Professional business directories and various upgrade features can help your business grow.

2. Make sure you are the real thing and not faking it. Not only will it be harder to keep up the level of interaction required if you are not genuine, it will also make all your efforts pointless. You need to not only target the right people but geniunely engage with them too. Be professional but find people you connect with on both a personal and business level. This makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

3. Ask Good Questions and Really Listen to the Answers. When you ask good questions, you will gain insights into how you can become a valuable resource within your business industry.

Remember asking good questions is a great way to get to know people. Your most valuable networking links will come from asking the right questions in the first place.

4. Be the Reliable Expert. I’m guessing you may already be an expert in some ways or of some thing. What is your business truly ‘the experts’ of? What is your business known for. Let’s assume (and hope) your business is know for many great things. Are you reliable, does your business have reliability at its core? If so, makes sure you have the concise and persuasive answers to the Who, What, How, Why and When questions your networking links should be asking and need to know.

5. Set goals for attending networking events and using online social media. Business networking has to be active to succeed. This includes being active in places like Linkedin, and also utilising Facebook Marketing to network online. Is that one or two per events a week? Do I interact daily or several times per week? Business networking has to be active to succeed so it is imperative that you are consistent with the networks you frequent and how long you spend engaging and socialising there. Not spending enough time will undo all the previous efforts you make in relation to professional business networking.

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