Naturally, for anyone considering an MLM opportunity, it is important to know that they are dealing with a company that has a set of principles and processes in place to help them make the greatest success, as quickly as possible. Coupled with that, is the requirement for solid training. I am sure you will have heard of some business systems that arrive as a kit and then leave you on your own. In the case of the Empower network, the training is a critical part of the process, to make sure that you are not only able to hit the ground running, but also to ensure that you are more likely to succeed. I will explain more about this process below, as well as present some further general information about MLM opportunities.

MLM opportunity – What About the Education and Coaching?

In any program or business, there need to be systems that are proven, workable and effective. In the case of the Empower network, you are not only provided with a process, but a system that you can then implement in other online business structures as well. In other words, it is a complete education that you are getting. In fact,m to explain this point further, the idea behind the Empower system is that you are able to be educated to run any online or affiliate based marketing business.

I am personally very fond of the affiliate marketing principle, as you are able to use a product for marketing that has already been developed, and by building your list and client base, you are able to profit from the creative work of others, whilst not worrying about the support of the program. Then again, if you’re keen and dedicated and support your clients any way, you will gain even more points from a trust point of view, and build your business even more successfully.

My point is that many people forget that MLM opportunities are about people. When you have the mindset to serve others and genuinely help other people to succeed, you are already streets ahead of the competition who are only thinking of themselves and their hip pocket. By helping others, your hip pocket will swell anyway. It is a natural law of success from helping others genuinely.

MLM opportunity – More to Ponder

To be fair, I must point out that with any opportunity in business, your results or income will also be largely dependent on your efforts to help others. In other words, you can succeed, but you will need to implement your efforts, in the form of time, learning and action. Action is the crux of the principle, but in the Empower network, you can not only earn, but actually earn commissions at rates of one hundred percent.

This is one of the best ways to be motivated, knowing that you can earn relative to your effort expended. It is also a very reassuring think to know that the commissions are delivered instantly, rather than waiting for checks to be mailed which can take several weeks or more.

Ultimately, in any business, MLM or otherwise, you will be required to work and take daily action. I say daily action as this then becomes habit forming which is very powerful. Soon, what is work becomes just another daily routine. Being motivated in your MLM opportunity is critical to your overall success and the Empower Network will teach you life learning skills to boot as well.

To your greatest success,


If there’s anything I understand as a nurse, it’s empowering people to take control of their own lives.

Now…what the heck is empower network?

Empower Network was started by David Wood and David Sharpe.  They are both quite well known in the MLM and Internet Marketing worlds.  If you haven’t heard their names before this…trust me you will hear more.

They planned the Empower Network down in Cost Rica where David Wood lives and has lived for the last couple of years. If you’ve never seen David Wood, he might remind you of a mad scientist or, more correctly, a mad genius!  Truth be told

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I have one mission…

 I want to pay you one million dollars 😉

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See, on Halloweed day – October 31st, a new animal called The Empower Network launched

I thought it would grow fairly fast, because the idea was just too good.

It was something that put ‘guru’ earning power into the hands of average people, and brought simplicity back into the marketing game…

…I guess I can’t say ‘back’ because the internet was never simple to market – for anyone.

However, HOW FAST it grew I didn’t expect – or plan for.

I guess a lot more people than I thought are sick of getting wussy commissions.

Check out our actual income disclosure:

Income Disclosure

(The page looks like crap – but is being edited right now – that is live, updates daily, and is real percentages and figures)

After you see it – you might want to understand why so many people are making money – you can learn how if you watch this video:

Free Video

After you see the video – you’ll probably want to join.  You can do that right now, if you’d like – by clicking this link:

Check it out!

I think this is one of the rare cases where following FTC guidelines is actually going to help us sell more – go ahead, look at it.

Here’s the actual income disclosure again:

Income Disclosure

* note again – crappy looking, unfinished page that just is reporting actual statistics.

keep in mind – we just launched 2 1/2 weeks ago.

When have you seen that many people online make money at anything?  Let alone two weeks.

I wanted to quote Tony Rush here – he took a look at this, and he said:

I’d put that up against any other company’s first month in the history of MLM

The funny thing is – we’re not even an MLM company – we’re just a lil’ ol affiliate funnel that pays you 100% commissionsrather than some wussy bull crap.

So here’s the payout again, but refreshed:

$828,974.20 <——- so about another $500 or so (give or take a bit – not good at math) since I started writing this email about 10 minutes ago.

If you divide that by the number of days we’ve existed – we’ve payed out an average of $46,054.12 per day since launch – just to give you an idea, if we keep that up (and our traffic keeps doubling) – but even if it doesn’t keep doubling and we just stay even, that will be:

$16,809,754.61 in commissions paid out in only 12 months – directly into your bank accounts.

So the goal is to pay out a million by Monday, and if we just keep up our current numbers, we’ll pay out $138,162.36 between now and then, which will leave us $32,863.44 shy of the goal.

So I need your help.

Will you you promote like crazy with me, so I can give you a million dollars?

The good thing is – what we’re doing is actually good for people, good for their businesses, and is changing their lives, so you can feel good going crazy for a few days.

Here are just a few of the stories:

(then keep reading for instructions)

So here’s what you need to do to participate in our million dollar payout plan:

Step 1:  Check out our actual income disclosure:

Income Disclosure

Step 2:  Watch this video (this was almost kept a secret):

Free Video

Step 3:  Joinif you’re not in yet:


If you are in – here’s what you need to do:

First – make sure that you’ve bought everything, so you can earn 100% commissions on each product.  Here are the upgrade links – all you need to do is login, and then visit the following pages:

The Basic Membership – Click Here

The Inner Circle Membership – Click Here

The Costa Rica Mastermind – Click Here

You’ll need to be logged in – of course, join first, if you’re not in yet.

Go ahead and do that now:

Second – make sure that you’ve setup your payment method – if you don’t have a merchant account yet or aren’t in the states, you can use a verified personal or business PayPal email – all you have to do is pop your paypal email in the profile area.  If you’ve got a merchant account, make sure that info is setup and ready to take orders.

Third – we’re going to do a webinar bonanza on Saturday – I think we’re growing fast enough that we can have a $100,000 pay day – we might even be able to hit a million dollars by Sunday.

All you have to do is watch your email, copy, paste, and send.

Fourth – go crazy writing and syndicating blog posts on both the Empower Network blog and also on your personal one about how we’re going to hit a Million Dollars in commissions by our 3 week anniversary.

I like to do a four step strategy:

1.  Email everyone – friends, opt in lists, all of em every swipe file that Dave and I send out.  (we send them out daily and post them to the Empower Network blog)

2.  Post the swipe on a Facebook Note – and syndicate it in your groups and social connections.

3.  Voice Broadcast the message out to everyone on your ‘buyers’ list telling them about it.

4.  Send a postcard or a letter out to everyone telling them about it – you can literally modify the swipe – and mail it out to everyone and it works even better.

That’s it – if you get in, align with us, and we do that – we might even hit $1.2 million by Monday :)

Are you in?

If not, that’s ok – because rather than getting the commissions – our other members will.

There was a guy, not going to mention his name – who joined, and then got a little nervous and wasn’t going to promote.

I sent him an email and told him:

“You know if your contacts don’t join with you in this one – that it’s got enough buzz to where they’ll all join with me, right?”

He paused – thought about it – and said:

You’re right – I’m all in.

This guy has now made $10,400 in 2 weeks, and used the money to pay off the rest of his mortgage.

Thanks to the Empower Network, this guy is now 100% debt free. Even more, though – $5,100 of that is residual, monthly income.

That means that if he didn’t get started, he would have lost out on more than $61,200 over the next 12 months.

The people would have joined anyways, this is a tight niche – only that money would have been deposited into someone else’s bank account, and this particular guy wouldn’t be 100% debt free.

Smart thing to get inwasn’t it?

You can get in, too:

Align with us – let’s lock arms…

…and fight the forces of evil :)

Mike Krumlauf

EN Founding Member

P.S.  I just refreshed again, and now we’ve paid out $829,499.20 in commissions, $1,100 since starting this email – we now have 6,621 paid members.

This is something different – in the words of Pastor Dave Duncan:

Stop Being A Wussy, and Get In