Banner ads work…period.

Advertising on the internet is constantly evolving. There are several ways to get traffic to your website, but unfortunately that makes it challenging and confusing to know the best ways to advertise your site.

One of best forms of advertising though is using banner ads. You see them everywhere. You can find them in the search engines. You find them on personal websites. You find them on blogs. It’s actually tough to go to any website without seeing a banner ad or two. For these reasons, they have become one of the widest methods to entice the buyers and get targeted traffic. That makes them extremely beneficial and, even better, low cost when approached properly.

Banners ads are usually based on brand recognition. Specifically, they are created to advertise individual products and services. The text within the banner ads describes idetailed information with the sole purpose to attract users to click on the ad and be driven to the website or offer page. It’s a very effective way to get high quality traffic to an offer.

The best banners are targeted at certain individuals or to solve a concer.

This helps to reduce the users that are not truly interested or and grab only people who are looking to purchase from the website. This targeted traffic is the true reason for using banner ads.

Getting targeted traffic means higher sales and

higher profits.

There is no standard banner advertisement campaign as the methods people use tend to have large variations. You can use Google AdWords and Overture to get further insight on effective campaigns to use that are more effective.  When you find a banner ad that grabs your attention, you can use similar tactics to advertise your own campaigns.

Using google and overture, you can get the right help to locate the words and phrases to include in your advertising campaign. With the right words and phrases you have a higher chance to get the traffic you’re looking for. Without the right keywords, you could be wasting time and energy.

Here are 7 tips to increase the effectiveness of your banner ads:

  1. Choose attention grabbing content for your banner ad. You have very limited space to use, so you need to have high quality content in the ad.
  2. Add attention grabbing but relavent pictures on the ad to give the users a visual of the roduct or offer. Seeing is truly believing in the eyes of the consumer.
  3. Avoid using banners larger than 5Kb. If you’re targeting a certain website to place your banner ad, make sure you check out their banner ad guidelines.
  4. Avoid using too many different colors and fonts. Sometimes, the simpler the concept, the better the conversion.  You want to appear professional.
  5. Use the “call to action” advertising method of “click here for more exciting information.” Make sure people viewing your ad know what you want them to do.  This is VERY important.
  6. Keep your ad content readable. Make it motivational but not too cluttered with information. You only want to peak their interest to click the ads.
  7. Test, test, test. Make different versions of the banner ad and see which ones convert the best.  AND, MAKE SURE THE LINKS WORK!!  🙂

Feel free to use these tips to improve your banner ad campains.

Banner ads can be very effective and low cost way to get high quality and targeted traffic.

To your greatest success,



An attraction marketing system turns traditional marketing on its head.

Historically, if folks wished to sell products to the public, they wanted to go out and find people to sell to. This will mean hours of cold calling or trudging the streets, and more often than not the result was no sales.

The attraction system is based on the principle that instead of going and find folks to sell to, folks should want what you’re selling and search you out.

This is the best form of marketing for anybody in the field.

By reducing the quantity of time that must definitely be spent chasing new business and new leads, it heightens the quantity of time that may be spent promoting products and attracting customers. The great thing is that the individuals that are attracted won’t just wish to purchase the item, but they can also need to gain from your successes and take part in your network marketing business as well.

Ordinary selling techniques usually become confused about one vital and straightforward fact, individuals enjoy buying things.

However, there’s no guarantees in regards to what puts a likely purchaser in a bad mood like an assertive salesman cold calling. Attraction marketing system‘s key focus is to take the present desire to purchase and satisfy it by giving the customer a very good product that they need and want.

Attraction marketing is based upon the idea that the best advert for the products you’re selling is YOU.

No matter how dependent we’re on the Internet and no matter how much advertising we are snowed under with, one simple truth remains, people buy from folk.

This indicates that figuratively speaking, you need to become your own brand.

An attraction marketeer must convey to the customers that they want the product that’s being sold. This isn’t effective when a sales representative simply throws out facts and figures.

It is done thru product demonstration and what the product has done for others. A good marketer offers a solution to an issue that many people have.

The same principle can be applied when you are prepared to build your own downline.

With the economy the way in which it is, there are countless hundreds of people looking for ways to make extra cash. There are loads of network promoters who are looking to change their business for any amount of reasons. Other social marketers are the perfect target. Don’t just tell then how great your opportunity is though. They’ve probably heard it all before and the hard sell will not work. You’ve got to persuade them that with your opportunity they can have the business they actually want, and be successful.

Implementing an attraction marketing system is not hard, but can need a mind-set change for some people.

Instead of attempting to work out the answer on your own, you are able to save time and use an already proven system such as MLSP.

If you’re looking to build your own Attraction Marketing System, get more information here:

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It’s time to become the business person you need to be, and attract all the business you need direct to you.

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Mike Krumlauf

So many people these days have turned to the Internet to make extra or full time income, myself included.  To many people it’s a new concept but hundreds of thousands if not more make great incomes using the good old Internet.

Funny how in reality the Internet is not that old but it has changed the lives of so many in such a short period of time.  Even people who don’t feel very technical have been able to make a great living.

But what takes someone from being a brand new beginner to becoming we we like to call an “Online Marketing Master”?omm

Before I answer that let me tell you about something VERY exciting that launched this week…

Online Marketing Masters Workshop

This is a brand new training system that can take a brand new beginner and help them learn this amazing business called “Internet Marketing”.  It was created by several online millionaires who volunteered their time to teach and share their secrets with us.

So how does one become an Online Marketing Master?

First of all you have to want to make a change in your situation which usually requires a strong WHY.   Your why is the reason you want to start an online business.

Maybe you are sick of the 9 to 5 rat race or you want to be a stay-at-home Mom or Dad.  Perhaps you want to make it so your husband doesn’t have to work so hard and can quit that second job so he can spend more time with the family.  Maybe you like to travel and have dreams of going to exotic places.

To get these things it takes both MONEY and TIME…something that 85% of everyone walking around you wants more of.

To become a Master it takes someone who is willing to be EDUCATED and have a strong FOCUS and is willing to take ACTION.  What is great about online marketing is you can be “Earning while you are learning.”  In fact there are many people making nice incomes who don’t consider themselves “Masters” yet.  Focusing on your goal and not getting distracted is another key skill that a “Master” needs to have.  Too many people are chasing after shinny objects these days.

Online Marketing actually works.  You just have to focus and actually apply your self.

So what else does it take to me an Online Marketing Master?

I really feel that first realizing the opportunity and potential is super important.  Listen… it’s no secret that the Internet is creating many many new opportunities and wealth out there.  This is an undeniable fact… not just talk.

The big question that people have out there is…

“I”m just brand new and know nothing about marketing or selling things on the Internet, how could I ever make it happen for me online?”

The truth is, everyone who wants to become a Master has to start somewhere right?  I mean there was a time you didn’t know how to do email and surf the web….now you do if you are reading this!  There was a time you didn’t know how to read a book, ride a bike, drive a car…but at some point you took action to learn.

That is really the key here.  Take the time and the effort to learn and not just learn but do.

Now having a great mentor, the right training and a system to make it happen are critical.

Combine all this and your chances for success are almost guaranteed…as long as you don’t quit and work at it.

The goal of the Online Marketing Masters Workshop is to do what I’ve mentioned above.  Take someone who is just starting out and take them to success by guiding them along the path of already successful online marketers.

It’s also  part of an online marketing system I use to run my home business….The Simple Money System.

So if you would like to check it out to see what we are doing here is what I recommend…

Check out this video talking about the Online Marketing Masters Workshop and what it’s all about.

Then watch the video below to find out more about Simple Money System and how you can become an Online Marketing Master yourself…even if you have no idea on where to get started!

Watch This Video

…and follow the simple steps.  It’s working for me and thousands of others out there online.



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