Do you know the #1 way to promote any website online?

Solo Ads!

What is a solo mailing and how can YOU begin to use this powerful technique today?

A solo ad (sometimes called a solo mailing) is where YOUR personal message gets sent by email to a mailing
list of people who are interested in what you are selling.  Typically this is through a well established ezine.

Let me reiterate that…YOUR message to the entire list.

Not a small part of an ezine. Not part of a package of ads. Not part of anything.
Your message stands alone, hence the name “solo”.

These Ezine mailings work because people REQUEST them.

That’s what opt-in lists are all about. People chose to subscribe to newsletters that discuss topics that interest them. Since they requested the information, they happily read it. They WANT this information. No one is pushing it at them.

And there are only TWO ways to get one of these solo ads:
1. Convince another marketer with a huge list to send your selling message as a joint venture.
[This can be tricky unless you are a “big name” already]

2. Buy a solo ad from an established ezine publisher.

Now THIS is something anyone can do!

And if you are a member of the Directory of Ezines (DOE) it is easier still. Just log in, search for ezines in your category that sell solo ads and find the one that fits your budget.

Try out DOE

Worried about cost? Don’t be! Some solo ads to ezines with about 50,000 subscribers cost less than $100!

That means YOUR ad goes out to the entire mailing list for less than 100 bucks.

DID YOU KNOW that over 300 publishers offer DOE Lifetime members even MORE of a discount?

It’s true. Just add “DOE discount” to your search and BOOM you find ezines that offer solo ads at a discount!
But you must be a MEMBER of the Directory of Ezines to do this.

Happily, you can become a member right now!

Try out DOE

Make no mistake, solo mailings are very powerful. And you could be using this powerful technique right now…

Well, maybe in a few minutes 🙂

I hope you do!


Consider this…

(Average) Joe is getting rich off of you and your efforts. He knows how to build a list already, but you’re doing it for him.

Joe is the owner of the programs that you promote.

If you’re ready to be successful, you need to be building YOUR list first – Not Joe’s list!

It’s important that only after you get someone on your list, sure, then send them to Joe and build those streams of income.

But never send someone to Joe unless they are on YOUR list first! This is extremely important and vital to your own success.

I do understand that it’s simple to say, but not always easily done…Until Now!

The New Rich Report System helps you build YOUR list and YOUR marketing business first. It’s as simple as plug-and-play.

Anyone you refer to the New Rich Report Marketing System can be added to YOUR own list or even an autoresponder list. As part of the system, you’ll be offered the GVO autoresponder (AND hosting, AND conferencing Room, and Training) for a $1 trial. And if you take advantage, you can build another income stream (other than your primary product) down to 10 levels offering the same tools to anyone you personally refer.

No more excuses, you can quickly and easily be building your own list now – and earning the huge profits that come from having your own list!

And if you’re not completely confident with your marketing abilities, the New Rich Report system also gives you a blueprint to follow for the first month that you can repeat over and over again…did I mention the New Rich Report is FREE?

Check it out and thank me later.

Building your own list is only the tip of the iceberg for what the New Rich Report can do for you.

Get your list ready to hand their credit cards to you even when they say NO to your primary (or secondary 🙂 ) business:

New Rich Report Marketing System

All the best,


P.S. – The New Rich Report will even help you be several times more successful with Joe’s programs than ever before… Yep, it really is just that simple!

My Solo Ads results with Heimir.

Ok, so here are the results of my solo ad that I purchased with Heimir Finnson.

I purchased this solo ad from Heimir through Safe-Swaps.

But you can also purchase a solo ad from Heimir from his website.  As of today, you get either purchase 250 or 500 guaranteed clicks through his personal list, but you can get smaller packages through Safe-Swaps. For more information about where to buy a solo ad from Heimir, go to my page High Quality Solo Ads.

I’ve had great success with solo ads to help build my list, and Heimir’s list seems to convert pretty well too.

For $49.75, I bought 125 guaranteed clicks. This works out to $.40 per click.

Here’s my receipt of purchase through Paypal:

Heimir did over-deliver, and I actually got 239 clicks (that’s 114 clicks more).  So the actual price for each click works out to $.21/click.  Not too shabby.

As far as opt-ins, I ended up getting 51 optins for my offer for MLM List Building. This was a 21% conversion rate for my offer.  This is a little lower than other solo ads that I’ve purchased, but it’s possible that my offer didn’t completely work for his list.  I know Heimir gets a lot of great reviews from people who have purchased and used his services before.

With this conversion, basically my final cost per new subscriber was $0.98/opt-in subscriber. Again, that’s a little more than I’ ve paid, but still a pretty good deal.

Would I use Heimir’s solo ads services again?

I believe I will.  Likely I will try a different offer than the one I used to try to get the conversion rate up into the 30% range.

If you’ve used Heimir’s services before or plan to, please leave a comment below with your personal results and let me know your experience!

I hope this helped you out. Solo ads can be a very powerful way to build your personal list by leveraging the relationship other marketers have built with their own list.  If you have some money you can spend in your marketing budget, give it a try.  But be sure to track your results because you may not get the same results that I did.  Hopefully they’ll be much better! 🙂

Til the next time,

My quality solo ads with Angelo Sayson Really Produced…

I had a great experience with Angelo Sayson.  His list was extremely responsive and just proves that you CAN get some incredible results from solo ads.

I purchased this solo ad from Angelo through Safe-Swaps.  However, with a little help from google I noticed that Angelo also has his own website that you can buy through.  For more information about his solo ads and personal website, go to my page High Quality Solo Ads.  If you need to grow your list, Angelo is a great resource to get the ball moving.

I purchased this quality solo ads through paypal, and my ad ran on January 12 of this year. Here’s the proof of my purchase through Paypal:

Quality Solo ads Angelo Sayson

I bought 150 guaranteed clicks for $49.50.  This works out to $0.33/click.

But Angelo over delivered on this solo ad, and I actually got a total of 242 clicks for my offer for MLM List Building.

This works out to a measly $0.21/click that I actually paid. I was definitely ok with that price.

Angelo’s list turned out to be quite responsive to my offer, and I ended up getting 106 total optin subscribers to my Aweber list.  This turns out to be an INCREDIBLE 44% optin rate. This has been my best optin results so far.

So what this means is that each subscriber had an cost of $0.47/optin lead.  That’s incredible especially when you consider that each subscriber could be worth as much as $1 each/month.

Just remember that when you’re using solo ads, you’re actually borrowing the influence and integrity of the person you purchased all of your quality solo ads through.

Once you get the leads on your own personal list, you need to start building your own trust with the new subscribers. This is essential to building your profits from your list in the future.

All that being said, I have to say that I can’t wait to use Angelo Sayson’s solo ad services again! I might take the plunge and go for more clicks next time and see if I get similar conversions.

Remember though, that even though I had some great clicks through rates and high opt-in rates, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the same. Be sure you’re offering a great ad with a good product, e-book, video, service or whatever else you may be interested in 🙂 Testing is key.

Let me know what you think of this and of course if you use Angelo’s services, be sure to post a response with your personal experience.

To your greatest success,