Have you heard of Google Sniper?

George Brown has come up with an excellent plan to make money on the web. His system is proven to work and has been working for many people. You too can begin to learn how to make money online with Google Sniper.

A web site is targeted to one specific keyword just like a sniper takes out his victim in one shot. A long tail keyword gets traffic to your site and does work quite well using a few back links. However, the game is always changing so it is wise to stay up to date on all search engine optimization techniques.

The latest and greatest version is 2.0 and has recently been released.

To get started follow the instructions for 2.0 from George Brown. He will show you how to build your own web sites and give you extra advice on how to make a good income online. He also teaches how to get the targeted traffic you need by affiliate marketing and selling the products of your choice through use of your web site.

When creating your web site it is vital to pick good keywords that will attract buyers. When choosing your domain name, keep this in mind as well. A good keyword in the domain name can help get you in front of the buyers searches. Your web content should be pro sell to get the best conversions. Keep your content search engine optimized for the best results.

Expand your affiliate links and spread them around as much as you can. This will optimize your chances of getting click through traffic. Learn how to put a few back links in place in order to get your site in the search engines quickly.

George Brown’s system of making money online can help you build wealth automatically once it is all set up. You don’t need much experience or time to get it going. In as little as one day, you can have your first web site up and making money.

How to Make Money Online with Google Sniper is not that tough.  Google Sniper could help you add to your bottom line.

Sokule allows you to make income with YOUR Twitter posts!


It’s creators developed an entirely new and free Social Networking community that posts your tweets on Sokule, Twitter and 40 other top sites instantly!

It’s just like Twitter, only 10 times better.

The community is called SOKULE — as in “So KULE for Business!” as the owners put it.  And I have to say, they may just have it right.

Why is SOKULE the next BIG step in the social networking revolution?

For starters, SOKULE is just like Twitter but it’s monetized.

That means instead of just posting to Twitter and gaining followers, you can earn $$ when your followers upgrade — and when you see all that Sokule has to offer, upgrading is never a problem!

SOKULE’s innovative Affiliate Program means every time anyone in your audience switches from a free account to one of several enticing paid accounts, you earn fat 20% to 50% commissions.

Now just imagine your thousands of followers – they’re called “Trackers” – reading your messages – called “squeeks” – and upgrading by the droves.

Track right over to…Sokule

Here, in a nutshell, are some of the benefits of squeeking on Sokule:

  • Your squeeks are posted on Sokule, Twitter, and 40 other TOP Social Networking sites INSTANTLY!  Your friends and followers will never miss a word you have to say.
  • Paid members are NOT limited to short tweets…your squeeks can be up to a whopping 500 characters long, enough space to really say something important!
  • You can include LIVE clickable LINKS on your profile page!
  • Share up to 5 of your photos in your profile!
  • Schedule posts to go out at specific future times. That means you can be on vacation and still look like you’re a SOKULE posting pro!
  • PLUS, Sokule lets you instantly invite all your Twitter followers to join you on SOKULE!

Does it spark your interest?

I hope so. It sparked mine.

I think Sokule will be one of the most exciting technological innovations to hit social networking this year.

Make sure YOU are part of the excitement and start building your following web wide.  Get busy SQUEEKING! 🙂

An Excited Sokule Squeeker

I wanted to give you a quick review of the new Free Twitter tool, TweetGlide.

It’s a new product from the infamous, Mike Filsaime (internet marketing guru and one of my personal mentors).  Mike’s idea is actually similar to TweetDeck.  The viral power of Filsaime’s new product is insane though.  There hasn’t been an actual launch of the product, and almost exclusively by people tweeting, there have been over 3000 downloads in the past 24 hours.  I’m sure that’s just the start, and it’s proof that social marketing is a great viral tool.

I used TweetDeck before for all me tweeting needs, but now I’ve replaced it with TweetGlide since it does have a bit of a marketer’s spin and most of the same features as TweetDeck.

Alright, so here are a few of the features and benefits:

  1. It’s FREE…and works very similar to TweetDeck
  2. Manage multiple twitter and facebook accounts from place
  3. Ability to use the desktop application for your PC (and soon an app for your iPhone and Mac)
  4. Tweet 140+ characters (yep)
  5. Ability to post ads in the program that are only seen by other members
  6. Earn credits while you post your tweets to increase your ad exposures
  7. Great affiliate program to earn while you and your referrals tweet
  8. Premium upgrade is available with additional ad benefits…and it’s quite inexpensive

All you have to do is download it for free and maintain the same Twitter activity you were before you heard about this.

Only now, you will additional free traffic from your activity.

Pretty straight forward, but extremely powerful.

Feel free to test out TweetGlide for yourself and let me know what your thoughts are.

Drop a comment below.

Take care,


Body by Vi and the 90 Day Challenge is changing people’s lives.

I know that sounds a bit dramatic but it’s simply the truth. “Vi” is short for ViSalus, a company that’s been around for more than 10 years and has committed to helping people feel and look better.

Body by ViWhat’s the 90 Day Challenge?

A little fun fact: Did you know that “Vi” means life in Latin?

Body by Vi has four weight loss kits that were carefully formulated to target a variety of people’s weight loss needs.

Here’s a quick description of each kit.

The Balance Kit:

This Body by Vi kit is the most basic and is used primarily for maintaining all of the pounds that you’ll shed with the other kits. It’s just for one yummy shake a day as a meal replacement.

The Shape Kit:

Mostly for those who are only looking to lose 10-20 pounds while also building some lean muscle mass to help “tighten up” and increase metabolism. With this kit, you’ll have two shakes a day for meal replacement along with healthy snacks and a well balanced dinner.

The Core Kit:

This kit is primarily for people who are looking to lose weight and seriously tighten up their muscles and build some better muscle mass. The Vi-Pak is included which are morning and evening vitamin packs that provide the right vitamins and minerals to support your body on a cellular level. Plus the Neuro which is an energy drink to help elevate your energy levels and helps clear brain fog.

The Transformation Kit:

This Body by Vi kit is the cream of the crop and comes with everything I’ve already mention in the Core kit. It also comes with an appetite suppressant that is colorless and tasteless. So no chemical or metallic taste. You can mix it with water or any other beverage and you’ll never know it’s there.

The variety is great and you can also add flavor packs like chocolate, banana, strawberry and many others for an added nutrient boost.

Did I mention that it’s only $1.87 per shake? You can’t get a McDonald’s meal (even from the dollar menu) that will fill your belly or that’s so good for you.

The Body by Vi shakes are lovingly known as “The shake mix that tastes like cake mix”. It really does!!

Body by Vi – Rave Reviews

Certified personal trainers and nutritionists are thrilled with the Body by Vi kits because they see how well the shakes are working for their clients. It’s not just how well it works initially but the lasting effects of these protein shakes that are so wonderful. Everyone who’s tried it can’t say enough good things about how wonderful they feel.

The shakes are well balanced and low in carbs and sugars so people with diabetes are thrilled to have a product that is so simple, yummy and doesn’t mess up their blood sugar levels. The shakes are also lactose and gluten free as well.

What are you waiting for? Join the Body by Vi Challenge and community to see for yourself so that you to can feel the benefits!

To your greatest success,

Mike Krumlauf


YTB, Your Travel Biz, is closing its doors due to massive issues regarding the truth and integrity of the company.

Were you about to join or are you already a part of YTB?

Members of YTB, even if you did make money, what are you going to do now that the company is basically being forced to shut down?

YTB – Wasted Money or an Investment in Yourself?

Anyone who’s been around network marketing for a few years has had at least a few hard knocks.  Regardless of the companies we choose to join, it’s really an investment in ourselves.

When companies such as YTB are being sued for abusing the system, we become a little more hardened.  It becomes easier to believe that all online business ventures are scams.

Don’t let it get you down.  You’ve spent your money and energy not just with a company but on yourself.  You’ve learned so keep going.  You are worth it even if companies like YTB aren’t trustworthy.  Just be careful to not judge all companies as the same; you’ll miss out.

YTB – Finding a different but stable platform to use.

We learn, we grow and we earn…in that order.  If we’ve failed, we learn more and find another way to make our businesses work for us.

What to do?  Research!  Learn.

If a company you invested in crashes, it doesn’t mean it was a waste of your time.  Use the skills you’ve learned.  Research other companies then apply what you’ve learned from YTB.  Be sure to include any new training you’ll receive from your next company and what you’ve learned on you own.

It’s totally doable as long as you’re willing to believe in yourself and get busy turning your investment in yourself into income.

Moving from YTB to a stable and successful company.

I’m sure YTB was started with good intentions but the leaders didn’t really lead.  They didn’t take care of their people.  Any business that survives in today’s economy is geared toward providing for the people who’ve chosen to be part of that company.

When researching your next move –

  • Look for a company which provides tons of training.
  • Also look for a company with supportive sponsors.
  • Find a company with a great comp plan, providing you with lots of ways to earn.
  • Search out a product you can believe in.
  • Try to avoid a binary comp plan.
  • Find a company that is more like a community.
  • Choose a business you can have fun promoting.

Any company that hasn’t figured out how to provide all of the above will soon find itself in trouble and will fail.

Good-bye YTB!  Hello….

Fortunately, there is a company that provides all that I just mentioned above.  Ask the 105,000 people who found this company in January 2012; the company’s biggest month ever.  Ask the more than 7000 regular people who now own BMW’s because of this company.  Or ask the customers and promoters how much better they feel and how much they love the community.

Go see what this company is all about. You have nothing to lose.  Take a closer look.

Yeah, good-bye YTB, hello health and wealth!