Facebook is the biggest social networking site in existence on the internet but when you first join up you may look at your non existent friends list and wonder how you can get started in building your friends list. It is not too different to the new kid on the block or the new kid at school who knows nobody even although there are a lot of people around. So here are some things to try in order to get more Facebook friends.

To begin with you should look at trying to find members of your family or your closest friends. They are not going to turn down your friend request and it shall give you some familiar faces to look at. It can often work out that through adding them you then find other people you know and those people can also be asked to become friends.

You can get help with adding more friends direct from Facebook and it helps you in two main ways. The first one is it suggests friends to you and these people are friends with people who you actually know. Having a common link can make people more inclined to accept your own friend request. The second way is they let you search the site with your email address book and see if anyone you email has their own account on the site.

Another good way is to make friends with people who perhaps play the same game as you do. There are several which you can play on the website and many of them involve millions of players every week so look to join groups and talk to people who partake in them. This can really boost not only your friends list but your gaming experience as well.

You can of course also look at joining other groups for things that interest you. There are pages or fan clubs for so many different subjects or products that the chances are they have already been created. By having some shared general interest you already have things to talk about with your new friends.

It is important to actually take part in the site and do not just sit there thinking it shall come to you. You need to talk in groups and become known but do remember that nobody looks down on those with just a few friends as everybody started with nobody at all.

These are just a few basic things that you should consider when you are trying to get more Facebook friends. You can pretty easily get more friends quite quickly as long as you take an interest in what is going on and do make sure your profile is interesting as this also helps you to get more people who would want to be friends.

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