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My quality solo ads with Angelo Sayson Really Produced...

I had a great experience with Angelo Sayson.  His list was extremely responsive and just proves that you CAN get some incredible results from solo ads. I purchased this solo ad from Angelo through Safe-Swaps.  However, with a little help from google I noticed that Angelo also has his own website that you can buy through.  For more information about his solo ads and personal website, go to my page High Quality Solo Ads.  If you need to grow your list, Angelo is a great resource to get the ball moving. I purchased this quality solo ads through paypal, and my ad ran on January 12 of this year. Here's the proof of my purchase through Paypal:

Quality Solo ads Angelo Sayson

I bought 150 guaranteed clicks for $49.50.  This works out to $0.33/click.

But Angelo over delivered on this solo ad, and I actually got a total of 242 clicks for my offer for MLM List Building.

This works out to a measly $0.21/click that I actually paid. I was definitely ok with that price.

Angelo's list turned out to be quite responsive to my offer, and I ended up getting 106 total optin subscribers to my Aweber list.  This turns out to be an INCREDIBLE 44% optin rate. This has been my best optin results so far. So what this means is that each subscriber had an cost of $0.47/optin lead.  That's incredible especially when you consider that each subscriber could be worth as much as $1 each/month.

Just remember that when you're using solo ads, you're actually borrowing the influence and integrity of the person you purchased all of your quality solo ads through.

Once you get the leads on your own personal list, you need to start building your own trust with the new subscribers. This is essential to building your profits from your list in the future. All that being said, I have to say that I can't wait to use Angelo Sayson's solo ad services again! I might take the plunge and go for more clicks next time and see if I get similar conversions. Remember though, that even though I had some great clicks through rates and high opt-in rates, it doesn't guarantee you'll get the same. Be sure you're offering a great ad with a good product, e-book, video, service or whatever else you may be interested in 🙂 Testing is key. Let me know what you think of this and of course if you use Angelo's services, be sure to post a response with your personal experience. To your greatest success, Mike  

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I’m a New Englander at heart who was transplanted to the DC metro area nearly 10 years ago. I love to be in love. And I have an incredible girlfriend, I have a great job, but I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. My dream has always been to have a business that I’m in complete control of, and Empower Network is the answer. Never give up, just keep pursuing. Look forward to meeting you and working with you in achieving your dreams too.

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