In our last issue, we talked about how it is possible to use Facebook to bring in new buyers to your company. In this issue we are going to talk more about creating a Facebook Fan page for your business.

Any successful business executes a good amount of social interaction and social media management. You can’t have a thriving online business without having good rapport with your target audience and without presence from the vast expanse of the Internet.

A lot of business managers have proven Facebook marketing as one of the most effective ways out there when it comes to generating targeted traffic. Its influence to culture and daily life is so magnanimous that having an account can literally make or break a starting company.

As we have mentioned previously, creating a Fan page is a good move for a starting business and even established ones in order for audience to easily relate to them. When credibility is concerned, although most audiences still look for official websites, most will consider a Facebook account to suffice if there’s an absence of such.

In addition to that, it’s more effective to go for a Fan page rather than a personal profile if you want to establish a sense of authenticity to the information you provide in your page. A mere profile page is associated with individuals and may not be as believable. Decide on your business name as soon as possible and look for names similar to your own in the same industry as your company.

For instance, if you’ve decided on the name ‘TASTY Ice Cream’ and you find a page with almost the same name in the same industry, look for ways to set your name different. Come up with descriptions like ‘TASTY Philadelphia Homemade Ice Cream’. With this, you are hitting two birds using one stone. You have just provided your business location. This will help your potential customers find out your geographical background. Not only that, you have also made your name sound different and more interesting than the other.

You can do this right after you have created your username. To get a user name, you need to have at least 25 Fans.

You can also gain credibility by answering all necessary inquiries in your profile. A profile that’s complete with background, short history, other contact details and store locations is essential. In addition to being complete, your content must also express some creativity. Most of the time, the profile is the basis whether people want to add you up or not. It should be your main goal to have a strong following online if you want your Fan Page to bring you more customers.

When using Facebook for Business, part of building a good brand is by customizing it by adding store photos, product photos, notes and the like. Be mindful with the content that you post though. If you are posting photos and you don’t want them stolen, place a watermark as a warning. You must remember that you are building a brand here. Avoid posting content that are too personal such as personal photos and videos, informal company party documentation, internal problem discussions and others.

Lastly, don’t forget to add your contact numbers, addresses and emails where they can reach you when you’re offline.

To get the most out of social networking sites, you can also consider tying up your Facebook fan page with other sites like YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Be sure that you look for your next issue soon. We will discuss about getting people to like your business page on Facebook.

Is your business using Facebook for Business? If not, you better benefit from its potential right away. Know more about effective Facebook marketing here.

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